Kongo Lesson 4

How did the Catholic Church develop in Kongo?

·Baptism of Nzinga a Nikuwu
·Impact of Afonso
·Relationship between Catholicism and political power
·Reasons for the conversion to Christianity by the Mwissikongo
·Co-existence of Catholicism and Kongolese religion

1. Use e-book to provide some basic background
2. Use Thornton article with focused reading points


E-Book: pp.20 – 22

Richard Gray: A Kongo Princess, the Kongo Ambassadors and the Papacy [JSTOR]

Anne Hilton: European Sources for the Study of Religious Change in Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Kongo [JSTOR]

Cecile Fromont: Under the sign of the cross in the Kingdom of Kongo [JSTOR]

John Thornton: The Development of an African Catholic Church in the Kongo [JSTOR]

Thornton: Demography and History in the Kingdom of Kongo [JSTOR]

Focused reading sheet for Thornton article above

Thornton: Elite Women in the Kingdom of Kongo [JSTOR]

Thornton and Heywood: A Forgotten African Catholic Kingdom

Exam question: Which of the following was more important in causing the conversion to Christianity in the Kong:-
– Religious factors
– Political factors
(10 Marks)

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