Benin Lesson 6

What were the artistic achievements of Benin?

·Evidence provided by Benin bronzes of the history of Edo
·The tradition of casting
·Relationship between the royal arts and the Oba
·The main elements of the cult of Olokun

1. Watch clip: Exhibiting the Benin Bronzes [YOUTUBE Video]
2. Use ebook to find examples of how the bronzes can tell us about Edo’s past, how the bronzes were made and the relationship between the royal arts and imperial power
3. Either produce a Benin bronze representing a key aspect of the state or find an example of a Benin bronze and annotate it to show what it tells us about the kingdom of Benin
4. Write a description of the Olokun cult, focusing particularly on how the cult reinforced the position of the Oba


E-Book: pp.43 – 45

Peavy: The Benin Monarchy, Olukun and Iha Ominigbon

Complete class activities

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