Benin Lesson 3

What was the importance of the Oba?

·Founding of the Oba dynasty
·Connection to Oranmiyan
·The royal palace
·Administrative structure and palace titles
·Role of various Obas, especially Ewuare, Ozolua, Esigie and Orhogbua

1. Read pp.64-66 of Bondarenko article and compare the Yoruba and Benin versions of the founding of the Oba dynasty
2. Using p.69 of Bondarenko article – How important is myth to royal authority?
3. How was ritual and ceremony used to reinforce the position of the Oba?
4. Biographies on:-
•Oba Ewuare
•Oba Ozolua
•Oba Esigie
•Oba Orhogbua
•Oba Ehengbuda


E-Book: pp.40 – 42

pp.40 – 42 (PPT)

Bondarenko: Advent of the Second (Oba) Dynasty [JSTOR]

Thesis: The Military System of Benin Kingdom Chs 3 and 4 Author: Osarhieme Osadolor

Oba’s Palace (Art Institute Chicago)

The Oba: Leopard of the House (Ekpen N’Owa) (Art Institute Chicago)

1st Oba Oronmiyan (Edo World)

Benin(Edo) Influence before the British Invasion (Edo Nation)

Oba Ewuare and the Portuguese (Art Institute Chicago)
Black Histories: Oba Ewuare & Benin City (Black History Month)
Benin (Encyclopedia Britannica)

The Warrios Obas (Art Institute Chicago)
Oba esigie of Benin (African blog)

Complete biographies

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